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Product Image Minimalist Wallet | Bamboo  ( Green Theme) - Bound Tight Wallets

Bamboo | Green Edition


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This Full Line Bamboo Wallet Color Edition is perfect for those who are tired of the traditional bulky wallets and is specifically designed for your front pocket which will potentially help reduce lower back pain. Our wallets are made from Hardwoods along with heavy duty materials to insure this wallet will last for many years.These Color Edition wallets are all colored freehand style for added uniqueness and quality.

With this unique low profile design we recommend not to exceed more than 8-10 cards to allow room for your cash if needed. This will help protect your hardwoods from stress fractures that could accrue from over loading.
*Cards and Cash push up and fan out for easy use
The Bound Tight Forgiveness Warranty 
We can sum this section up into two words, Grace & Forgiveness 
Alright, here are the details
Your Bound Tight Wallet comes with a Forgiveness Warranty that covers the following. 
  • A onetime "Oops moment" meaning you ran your wallet over with a car, plane, train, tractor, UFO, or some vehicle not mentioned and broke your wallet we will replace your entire wallet free of charge. 
  • Your wallet arrived defective (this should never happen) 
  • If while replacing the bands and one or more screws are not able to hold the band in place we will repair this one time free of charge or replace the shield completely. 
  • Should the bamboo or wood on your wallet start to chip or pull apart within the first 6 months please email a picture of your wallet showing the defective area along with your order#. We will contact you via email with directions on where to ship your wallet for replacement or repair. 

So that about sums up our Forgiveness Warranty.

We are always interested in hearing about your experience with your Bound Tight Wallet. If you have a cool story or photo please send it to us. Should we ever use it on our Website or Social Media we will send you a 50% off coupon code to our shop. 





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Bamboo | Green Edition | Bound Tight Wallets Handmade in Small Batches