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Our Story

I started this shop to share my passion for making life more enjoyable by creating something out of beautiful hardwoods from all over the planet. What brings me joy is the sounds and smells of a wood workers shop. I think its primarily due to being raised by my grandparents. You see, my grandfather (pawpaw) decided to go back to college after he was in his 50's. To help us put food on the table he would build custom hardwood cabinets for his clients. After school and during the summer months I would help prep the woods for building and even at this very moment when I smell the scent of saw dust it brings me back to my childhood.

Why I do this? Like many of us we too want a better future for my family even if its to show my family that hard work leads to great things and not always a bigger check. To keep the working family's culture alive by showing my children that you can use your imagination and create something unique and involve them in the process is what its all about. Making wooden wallets was not part of my original plan to create a family business it was actually to spin yarn from alpacas with my wife. We put a plan together to start spinning, we had the equipment picked out and was about to order when I decided to give it a few days to process this decision. During that time my paper binding clip that I used for a wallet broke on me in the middle of checking out at the grocery and I found myself picking up all my cards and cash off of the floor while trying to check out, it was pretty embarrassing. Once I got home my brain was on overload trying to think of a way to make a permanent but attractive solution to my wallet tragedy. I had paper clips in various combinations along with drawings and a table full of ideas. By this time I had totally put spinning yarn on the far back burner and finding a solution to this wallet problem was my number one priority. Finally the lights went on at about 1:30am with an idea to take some scrap wood and use them to make a template.

The idea was to make a wooden template and have a metal fabricator make metal wallet shields for me. It didn't take long for me realize that making these wooden designs was the perfect wallet for me. I had no plans on selling these, I just wanted my wallet not to fall apart at the check out line. Once I realized I could not go anywhere without someone asking where they could buy this unique wooden wallet I realized that I may have something special and that's how I ended up here.
Thank you for reading our short story about Bound Tight Wallets.
I look forward to shipping one of these wallets to you soon!



Our Story | Bound Tight Wallets Handmade in Small Batches