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More Wallets Coming Soon! | Handmade Wallets | est. 2013

About Bound Tight Wallets

We started Bound Tight Wallets to share our passion for making life more enjoyable by creating a brand that would represent all of the things we appreciate in a handmade product. We take pleasure in creating each and every wallet by hand in small batches utilizing small precision tools and good old fashion labor to create your Bound Tight Wallet. We also enjoy the sounds and smells of a wood workers shop as the result in creating your wallet. 

Making wooden wallets was not part of our original plan to create a family business, it was actually to spin yarn from alpacas. We put a plan together to start spinning, we had the equipment picked out and was about to order when I decided to give it a few days to process this decision. During that time my paper binding clip that I used for a wallet broke on me in the middle of checking out at the grocery and I found myself picking up all my cards and cash off of the floor while in the check out line.

Later that evening I found my self seeking to discover a way to make a wallet that worked for my needs and lifestyle. After few weeks penciling some ideas to paper the first Bound Tight Wallet came to life ( pictures below) Over time as you can see we evolved to what we think is the perfect minimalist wallet. 

Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to shipping a wallet to you where ever you are. 


Original Designs Circa: 2012



Final Design Circa: 2013

About Bound Tight Wallets | Bound Tight Wallets Handmade in Small Batches