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22 Jun

So, How do these work?

Posted by Christopher Pate in how this works, Video

Often times as the designer of the Bound Tight Wallet it is easy to forget that our customers are not inside my head and need to see what makes this product so versatile and applicable to our daily lives, especially in a world that is shrinking in many ways. We want to take the mystery of how these little wooden wallets work by showing you this little video.



Thanks for watching!


24 Feb

Let's Add On

Posted by Christopher Pate

We love coming up with new things here at BoundTight Wallets. Design, function, and well cool factor plays a big part of what we do, and we want each of you to have the ultimate of all three.

We think this might be a step closer to the ultimate BoundTight Wallet experience.

The BulletProof Front Plate.


You can now add this stylish front plate to any FullLine Wallet. Just pick any FullLine Wallet and select the Bulletproof Front plate! 




***Now all domestic orders come with Free Shipping! ***



05 Feb

Big Day

Posted by Christopher Pate in Giveaway

We're so excited here at Bound Tight Wallets! Today we are on torispelling.com.

We are so thrilled to be named as one of the "all the things we love" items. Even more exciting.

There's a huge giveaway also!

Starting tomorrow (2/6/2014) you can enter to win over $10,000 worth of prizes!

That's huge. Seriously huge.



09 Dec

Lowcountry Artist Market

Posted by Christopher Pate

This weekend was the Low Country Artist Market here in gorgeous Charleston SC.

It is such a great quarterly even at the Music Farm. Tons of vendors, food trucks, and so many people that were searching for fun and unique gifts. We had so much fun getting to meet so many people and letting them see our new product.

It was really a great time.



If your interested in the next market check out their website: Lowcountry Artist Market

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