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How to use your Wallet


So, how does a Bound Tight Wallet work you ask? Here is a short clip that will help you see how the function of our wallet design works and makes getting your cards & cash super easy and fast. We call it the "fan technique" it works best by holding the sides of your Bound Tight Wallet then push the cards up and fan like a deck of playing cards. You never need to take the full stack out, just pull the one card or cash that you want swipe, insert back in and close the fan. That's it!

We will have more videos uploaded soon to show all of our designs and functions of our uniquely designed wallets.




Carbon fiber wallet frozen in time enjoying #springbreak #wallet #handmade #edc #fyuse #dapper #dapperman with buddy @benmayer

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How to use your Wallet | Bound Tight Wallets Handmade in Small Batches